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Human Rights &
Sexual Morality
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- The official website for the Research Ethics course consists of sections titled Lectures, Video Clips, and Examination.
- The section "Lectures" is comprised of the following curricula, all of which require completion to be eligible for taking tests. To enter the Lectures section, please log on using your ID for the KAIST Portal.
- The section "Video Clips" provides supplementary materials added to the lectures.

I Introduction to Responsible Conduct of Research
Responsible Conduct of Research
II Introduction to Research Misconduct
Research Misconduct
III Introduction to Data Acquisition and Management
Data Acquisition and Management
IV Introduction to Responsible Authorship
Responsible Authorship: Requirement and Order
V Introduction to Peer Review
Peer Review
VI Introduction to Mentoring
VII Introduction to Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
VIII Introduction to Collaborative Relationships
Collaborative Relationships

- Requirements: You must score 80 or higher points from 2011.

- Disclaimer: The views expressed in this presentation do not represent the views of the KAIST. These are not necessarily its views.

For further inquiries regarding the substantive material of the course, please contact Professor Kim Mi-Kyung at the Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management (Ext. 4237).

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