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This course is designed to evaluate the requisite basic knowledge for safely using potentially dangerous chemical substances, gas, machines, and instruments, and in carrying out research and experimentation at KAIST's labs and research centers.

Please note that, under the item pool-based test system, questions irrelevant to your own research center or lab may be included in the test. A total of 25 questions are given, out of which you must score 80 or higher points from 2011.

The material and test questions for this course have been developed with the following materials as references:

1. Laboratory Safety Manual, University of Illinois at Urbana Campaign.
Webpage: (http://www.drs.uiuc.edu/css/index.htm)

2. Laboratory Safety Manual, Welcome to the University of Kansas - Lawrence Campus, Department of Environment, Health & Safety.
Webpage: (http://www.ehs.ku.edu/documents/LSM1.html)

3. Chemical Safety, University of Central Florida, Department of EH&S.
Webpage: (http://www.ehs.ucf.edu/labsafe/chemsaf.html)

4. Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories, American Chemical Society, Vol 2, 7th Edition.

5. Laboratory Safety Manual, The University Of British Columbia, Department of Health, Safety and Environment Laboratory, 4th Edition, 2001.
Webpage: (http://www.safety.ubc.ca/)

6. CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety, A. Keith Furr, 5th Edition.

For more details on the questions to be given, please refer to the "Multimedia Safety Material" on the official website of the Safety Team (http://safety.kaist.ac.kr).
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